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Create Immersive VR Content from Simple “flat” photos!

July 1, 2019 | Orbix360º Support

This multidimensional photo gallery offers an exciting new way to share memories of your latest trip or big event without laborious email attachments or the compromises of social media. Sharing photos has never before been so easy, efficient, and effective.


Jim Prucey, Chief Product Officer for Orbix360 LLC, explains, “We’ve been creating VR experiences since 2016, and use of consumer-focused products like ours has been limited by the adoption of 360º VR cameras. We wanted to help people tell their stories in VR without needing one of these cameras. Now, an Orbix360º user with a collection of traditional smartphone pictures can upload their photos to our site and view them through a VR headset or in 360º using their smartphone or desktop.”

Indeed, to enjoy this immersive viewing space, Orbix360º users just need their free Orbix360º account and the photos they’d like to showcase. Use a VR headset, or simply a mouse, to navigate your non-linear journey through the uploaded images.

Leo Malave, Orbix360 LLC Chief Technology Officer, further clarifies this new feature, “Consistent with all of our products, the “flat” picture collage feature requires no software installation on the user’s or the viewer’s phone or desktop. We’ve provided a simple-to-use upload capability for photos, which then arranges the photos within a 360º environment. And users can easily add sound, text narration, and navigation hotspots to bring life to their story and to guide their viewers through the space.”

The flat picture collage feature is available at no cost to new and existing Orbix360º account holders at

A sample flat photo collage can be viewed at

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