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How to Add Background Sound

September 1, 2018 | Orbix360º Support

Do your images inspire a special atmosphere that you’d like to convey to your 360º Orbs through sound? Upload a common sound file to follow the viewer accross their experience.

This is easily achieved with Orbix360º. Here’s how to do it:

Log into your account:

info 1

Click on “My Orbs” and select the gallery you wish to add sound to.

info 2

Click on the “Editor” button on the top right.

info 3

Now the Editor is open. Click on the options tab.

xp sound 1

Click on the Sound icon to expand the sound panel.

xp sound 2.2

The expanded sound panel allows you to select and upload sound files from your computer or phone.

xp sound 2

xp sound 3

Reduce potential latency by compressing your sound file and exporting it as an .mp3. Here’s a great website that explains how to convert sound files to the .mp3 format:

To remove a sound file, expand the sound panel and click the “remove file” button next to the file name. Or you can directly overwrite the existing file simply by uploading a new file.

xp sound 4

If you would like to add music, narration, or verbal descriptions to a specific image click here

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