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How to Add Navigation Hotspots

September 3, 2018 | Orbix360º Support

Invite your viewers to enter and enjoy the 360º experience you’ve created by adding Hotspots.

A. Log into your account:

info 1

B. Click on “My Orbs” and select the gallery where you want to add Hotspots.

info 2

C. Click on the "Editor" button on the top right.

info 3

Once inside the Editor, close the side panel.

hotspots 1

You will see blue tabs on the Carousel thumbnails. With the exception of the image you are on, all images located in your Carousel can become Hotspots on the 360° canvas.

hotspots 2

I’ve learned that the best way to create Hotspots across a large number of images is to use the Carousel at the bottom of the editor. Click all the images in the Carousel from left to right, and drag out all the applicable Hotspots as you work your way through.

You can reposition the hotspot on the canvas by clicking and dragging.

hotspots 3

Click on the preview button to view your work.

hotspots 4

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