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How to Add Overlay Sound

September 1, 2018 | Orbix360º Support

Add music, narration, or verbal descriptions to a specific orb.

This is easily achieved with Orbix360º. Here’s how to do it:

Log into your account:

info 1

Click on “My Orbs” and select the 360 experience you wish to add sound to.

info 2

Click on the “Editor” button on the top right.

info 3

Now the Editor is open, click on the Sound icon to expand the sound panel.

overlay-sound 1

The expanded sound panel allows you to select and upload sound files from your computer or phone.

xp sound 3

xp sound 4

Reduce potential latency by compressing your sound file and exporting it as an .mp3. Here’s a great website that explains how to convert sound files to the .mp3 format:

To remove a sound file, expand the sound panel and click the “remove file” button next to the file name. Or you can directly overwrite the existing file simply by uploading a new file.

xp sound 5

Do you want to inspire a special atmosphere to your 360º Orbs through sound? To learn how to upload a common sound file accross an experience: Click here

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