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Create VR Content from Panorama Smartphone Pictures

May 1, 2020 | Orbix360º Support

Tutorial Cover-Image No 360 Required

Here is how to make a photosphere from a panoramic image created on your phone.

Enjoy and have fun!!!

Panoramic images are very easy to make and all you need is the Google “Cardboard Camera” app which allows you to make a panoramic image.

Once you have created your panoramic image, you are going to import that image into the Google “Snapseed” app which is a photo-editing tool.

Snapseed will allow us to expand the image and make it the same size as an image coming out of a 360 camera. Once formatted to the right size, we can upload it to where you can start adding media but mostly share it with the world!

Create your FREE Orbix360º acount and start creating now!

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