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How to Add Text Hotspots

September 1, 2018 | Orbix360º Support

There are no limits to storytelling. Whether you use verbal narration or choose to let a soundscape or absolute silence flavor your VR atmosphere, creating textual descriptions of your galleries adds a whole new layer of information to the 360º experience. Here’s how:

Log into your account:

info 1

Click on “My Orbs” and select the 360º experience where you want to add descriptions.

info 2

Click the “Editor” button on the top right.

info 3

Once inside the Editor, click the info “I” to expand the text panel.

info 4

The text panel allows you to add a title, and up to several paragraphs of text. Once you have entered your text, click “Place Hotspot” which will place your text onto the 360º Canvas.

info 5

Position the Info icon anywhere on the Canvas.

info 8

To edit a description, click on the Edit option on the upper left of the text icon. By clicking the icon, you will expand the text panel. Et voila!

info 9

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